H O M E        l        C L I E N T  S E R V I C E S        l        A B O U T  U S        l        J O B  O P E N I N G S        l        C O N T A C T  U S

UAE - DUBAI    l   USA 

For Expat / American Families
Age 23-45. An international work experience with a very good salary and benefit package
awaits qualified candidates who have: - International experience preferred but not required
- Pleasing personality - Good moral character - Can communicate in English

Moslem/ Muslim Domestic Workers (nanny, Cook, Housemaid, Etc.)
3 years experience. Any job role, many families are seeking workers who are Muslim.

Nanny For Special Needs Children
3 years experience, Ideal candidates experience caring for children with disabilities or with special needs (e.g., Autism, Downs Syndrome, Delayed Speech)

3 years experience. Experience abroad with different cuisines (Indian, Arabic, Western), formal training in cooking/baking, experience to create menus, do the marketing, knowledgeable about nutrition/portions.

Nanny Tutor/Governess
3 years experience. Early childhood development, experience teaching in a school, developing curriculum, age appropriate learning activities, household management level of abilities, certified in teaching

Baby Nurses/Maternity Nurse/Houseparents/Midwives For Expat Families
3 years experience. Midwifery experience or a doula, experience from maternity ward in hospital or clinic, experience in an orphanage nursery, nursing assistant education + infant care new born and older, typically has training in other areas like massage and reflexology

Professional Nurses As Nannies, Senior Carers
3+ years experience in a clinical setting, bachelors degree in nursing, registered nurse, with pediatric or eldercare experience.

Personal Beautician
3 years experience. Experience in a salon, formal training pedicures, manicures, hair, facials, massage, reflexology preferred.

Interns  l   OJTS (Paid)

ge 20-25. Trainee Program: J-1 visa up to 12 months (some positions are for 18 months)

This program is open to international university students and recent graduates who want to train in their
professional field to gain valuable, professional experience in the USA. To qualify for this program one MUST
meet the below requirements:

To QUALIFY for a Management and/or Front Line Traineeship in USA you must
meet the following requirements: (for work and travel see below)

1. Must be at least 18 years old.
2. Applicant must possess sufficient English language skills to successfully complete the Traineeship.
3. Applicant must show a maturity level and personality adequate to participate and benefit
from this International experience.

To qualify for Traineeship:
Graduates of degree or certificate granting post secondary institution with one year of work experience
outside the US   OR  Non-graduates with five years of work experience outside the US .

To qualify for Internship Program:
Current students enrolled in a degree or certificate granting post secondary institution outside the US  
or Recent graduates from a degree or certificate granting post secondary institution who will begin within 12
months of graduate.

*** Experience and Education needs to be in the same field as Training/Internship program.

Please email your resumes to info@agilaphilippines.com. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.



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