H O M E        l        C L I E N T  S E R V I C E S        l        A B O U T  U S        l        J O B  O P E N I N G S        l        C O N T A C T  U S


If you are any of the following:

● President of a company
● An HR Executive either from an agency
  or from a company

● A nursing director in the US, UK, Middle East
  or Asia and the Pacific

● A construction contractor
● A business owner

And you need Filipino contract workers for overseas postings, we would love to hear from you.

Or, if you are a Filipino looking for a meaningful career overseas, please tell us about yourself. You may send a cover letter for the position that you are looking and a detailed CV with your most recent photo.

Or, if you directly know of companies outside the Philippines in need of Filipino Contract Workers, please let us know.

Or, if you have questions. Our contact information is:

Email: info@agilaphilippines.com

(+632) 4892891

906 1587669

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday [9:30AM - 5:00PM]

Mailing Address:
AGILA Philippines
(Apex Grande Int'l Labor Agency)

The Mezzanine, One Joroma Place
Congressional Ave., Quezon City
Philippines, 1106

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