H O M E        l        C L I E N T  S E R V I C E S        l        A B O U T  U S        l        J O B  O P E N I N G S        l        C O N T A C T  U S


Sharon Jean Gonzales-Gulmatico heads the Sales and Marketing Division of AGILA.

She is responsible for the management information systems, human resource management, the efficient running of the service lines, and the legal divisions.

Prior to establishing AGILA, she was the President and Managing Partner of a POEA land based recruitment agency in the Philippines from 2005-2009. She was likewise the National Marketing Director of Kaplan in the Philippines from 1999-2005. In her tenure, the company achieved remarkable growth in the industry. 

Ms. Gonzales- Gulmatico completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Ateneo de Manila University and is a Masteral Candidate of Industrial- Organizational Psychology from the same institution. She brings to the company a proven record of performance in providing business leadership.  Her record of success includes formulating strategic plans, forging corporate alliances and implementing operational, business development and marketing strategies.


       2009 AGILA  Philippines, Apex Grande International Labor Agency