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These are the challenges that make each member of the AGILA team excited about going the distance.

For a serious Human Resource and Recruitment Firm with a social management specialty business core, the process of scouting, recruiting and deploying Filipinos to areas where they are needed overseas is serious business.

Our shared vision focuses on building and sustaining opportunities and connecting communities within the domestic and international markets. Our clients with their individual businesses likewise feel the long-term benefits of hiring candidates through AGILA as we provide them candidates that are effective and contributory to their company’s goals and growth. We represent solutions in each of our processes. Our programs are designed to be responsive to our stakeholders’ goals: we support the dream of every Filipino worker in getting jobs overseas in a professional and humane environment and clients experience working with world-class Filipino workers.

AGILA is in a strategic position to offer to the world, service without boundaries, literally.

And at the end of the day, it is good to know that distance is nothing for both our clients and our candidates, because AGILA is willing to go the distance for them.

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